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Media Just Changed...

Every once in a while something comes along that changes the media landscape forever. Digital Glass is the next big thing to shake the foundations of media distribution.

About Us

The team at Digital Glass have over 15 years of experience in innovative design and concepts for commercial glass application. Digital Glass is the market leader in digital liquid technology.

Convert Foot Traffic
Into More Sales

The Digital Glass difference

Convert foot traffic

Are you tired of watching people walk past your store? With Digital Glass dynamic content messages, you’ll draw foot traffic to your store like mosquitoes to light.  

Sell after hours

Normally when your store closes the sales stop! With Digital Glass you can tailor messages for after hours traffic to drive sales even when your store is closed.

Dynamic content

Show relevant messages based on the different days or even different times of the day. Coordinate your shop front with your online marketing to increase conversions.

Monetise your store

Turn your building frontage into a virtual media buyers agent! Monetise your building by selling advertising or packages to other advertisers looking for greater exposure. 

Update your fit-out

Is your fit-out dated but It’s expensive to keep updating it? With Digital Glass you can change your fit-out look and feel regularly keeping your office, restaurant or shop fresh.

Saves on costs

STOP paying for expensive wall wraps or printing window banners…Digital Glass saves on outdated marketing material while keeping your message relevant.

New media is like a megaphone. It amplifies your ability to reach more people.

Mark Batterson

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